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The quantity and variety of RC Planes for sale has increased in recent years as electronic technology has drastically improved which. However, the fundamentals remain intact.
An RC Airplane is remotely controlled by the pilot enthusiast by using a remote controlled radio transmitter and primarily are constructed using lightweight plastics, wood, and or carbon fiber. 
The most common types of RC flyers found here will be electric powered, park flyers, glow plug engines, RC planes with camera, RC Planes: Beginner level, RC helicopters, radio controlled drones, and gliders which are typically unpowered.

Remote or Radio Controlled Helicopters have see a rather large increase in popularity as electronic components have become smaller, lighter, and most importantly for the manufactures, cheaper. This certainly allows for the budget enthusiast to find a variety of RC Planes for sale in his or her price range and often times get started in an exciting and quite honestly addictive hobby. However a drawback (though not solely with RC Copters), is cheap unreliable products. Don’t get us wrong, I appreciate a good deal as much as the next guy, but we all understand the difference between inexpensive and “cheaply made”.

What about drones? Where do they fit into the world of RC Aviation? Drones are the new kid on the block, the new girl at the party, the flashy one, and is that a Prada bag? Oh, yes, everyone loves a Drone and I am no exception to the allure of this relatively new addition to the hobby.
All of this (and much more) leads to a somewhat confusing mess to the newcomer, where one can spend hours and even days researching various products before purchasing, only to find a short time later, that they could have had the same product cheaper, a better one for the same price, or worse, that their selection was a dud. That’s where we come in! Looking for RC Planes for sale? We here at FlyingRCPlanes.com are dedicated to not only simplifying your purchase of an RC aircraft but ensuring that you will receive a quality product at a fair price and made only available from the most trusted sources.