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Top 5: The Best Drones Available Today

September 27, 2016 / no comments, on Dones, Uncategorized

Top 5 Best Drones Money Can Buy

Greetings RC Aeronautic Fans! While spending another exciting evening alone in the basement researching the best RC manufacturers, vendors, and devices on the net, I found myself wandering over to some military drone aircraft spec sheets and cost analysis. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I decided to take a break and research the Top 5 most expensive, widely available to the public sector Drones in the market today. Disclaimer: We have not researched quality, reliability, operator reviews nor am I making any recommendations of the drones in this list. This is simply all in good fun for those of us that could never afford such monetary monsters.

Before we get into the Top 5 best drones on our list, let’s give a shout out to the most expensive military drone ever built: The RQ-4 Global Hawk

best drone ever

This Military Marvel comes in at a reported $141 Million per drone and can climb to a lofty 27,000 lbs, The Global Hawk stretches 44 feet long and can reach altitudes twice that of a commercial airliner while gathering surveillance of a large target, and returning home up to 5,500 miles away. Not your beginner backyard drone, is it? Now for our Top 5 Best Drones that the everyday man can buy. Enjoy!

best drone price

5. Swift Trainer Autonomous Drone: This Autonomous Drone offers centimeter level technology and camera for photogrammetry purposes, fully customizable flight plans, a camera, and is rumored to be capable of avoiding obstacles at over 30mph. $13,000.00





cool drones4. DJI Agras MG-1: The MG-1 is marketed towards Agriculture, automatically adjusts its spray and flying speed to evenly apply its 10kg liquid payload, Smart Mode with satellite connections and microwave radar technology to scan the terrain below, so you can go enjoy a glass of beet juice and a nap while your drone sprays your crops like a boss. $15,000.00






drone thermal camera3. RMUS Powerline Inspector Drone: One of my personal favorites from this list has to be this RMUS. Shoots in 4K 60fps with a 3D camera, Satellite linking, and streams Thermal Imaging. Yeah, that’s cool.Marketed for inspecting powerlines and plants I feel like we could combine the silent mode from the ALTA with the 3D Thermal from this RMUS and throw this bad boy at James Bond for some super spy action, amirite? $17,000






top 5 best drones2. Freefly ALTA 8 Drone: Also specializing in aerial shots, the Freely offers its operators a wide range of cutting edge stabilizers and satellite links to eliminate drift, silent operation so you don’t even know it’s there while filming. What would you do with a silent drone that records in super HD? $27,000.00





xfold dragon drone review

And finally, #1… The xFold Dragon: Designed for aerial photography, this drone boasts a “Automatic Return Home” failsafe, which sends the drone home to safely land automatically if the controller becomes disconnected, Onehanded banked turns with a combined roll and yaw stick on the controller, Cruise Control, and supports a 140lb payload, so you can carry your wife remotely to her book club (disclaimer: do not duct tape anyone to your xFold Dragon and fly them anywhere… it could damage the drone). $32,000.00

So there you have it, the Top 5 most expensive drones that can be purchased by the everyday Joe, providing we have an extra $20-$30K to drop of course. Since that’s often not the case, please visit this link to view our high quality, affordable, and very cool drones. See ya next time!