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Why buy RC Planes for Kids: How I got started flying RC Planes

October 10, 2016 / no comments, on RC Planes

Why buy RC Planes for Kids

rc planes for kids

It’s a peculiar thing, being a boy. A subtle dance between youthful dread and powerful magic. However, that dread, that all-encompassing fear that has so ravaged every school yard tot since the birth of man (or boy as the case may be), with all of its theater and glory, pales in comparison next to its partner, it’s better half, what I refer to here as The Magic.

The Magic cannot exist without the dread nor can the dread exist without the magic as they are both sourced from the very same unknown, and that unknown is pure and it is our very existence. I contest that with all things fresh and new, we have no baseline, no standard in which to compare one mystery from the next, and that is the horror; it is the light.


For some this magic reveals itself in the love of books and Television. Fantastical stories which regale heroes for their braveries in the twisted face of danger and almost certain death, for others it may present as a burning competitive nature and a passion for sports and athleticism, but let’s be sure of one thing, we all had that spark, that light, and almost regardless of what frightful darkness we may face, it would fill us so full of hope and anticipation, that we believed we may burst.


I had a tough time as a kid in those early nineties. My father worked nights in a warehouse as a forklift driver and my mother often pulled doubles as a nurse for the elderly and infirmed in a nearby privately owned hospital. Unsupervised and without direction I wandered darkly through those formative years. Had it not been for a neighbor boy my own age, I may have never found my muse, my magic, my love for radio controlled aircraft.


My first glimpse of this impossibly small RC gas engine sitting on a shelf in his room had me intrigued. I picked it up and I remember immediately being surprised by its weight and just the very feel of the dense coolness in my hands. He took notice of my curiosity and proudly showed me how it worked, then took me into a stuffy garage that honestly scared me for some unknown reason. Absurdly cluttered and smelling of old gasoline and perhaps mold, it was far from what this boy of 9 found comforting, but at the same time it was strangely appealing. Through a maze of machine parts I could not identify, dirty brown boxes, and a bright blue tarp draped over what I believe to be either half of a lawn mower or a tractor of some type was a large workbench scattered with RC planes parts and model planes. This was well before the time of drones with cameras or WiFi connected RC helicopters, these were old-school vintage.


His father invited me along for some park flying and even though they ended up moving months later, I was determined to plow forward with my new RC planes hobby, and so I did. I found an RC plane for sale at a nearby yard sale and bought it with my own birthday and lawn mowing money and immediately began scouring magazines for parts. The World of RC Aircraft and model airplane building engrossed me and filled me with such indescribable excitement that it was all I could think or talk about for some time. It filled lonely days and humid nights. They gave me focus and drive and maybe even a sense of belonging, and belonging… well, that can be rarest magic of all, for a boy of any age.


Please comment below with how you came to the world of flying rc planes and share your story.